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Unlike N95 masks, ThermaSafe is more than a trapping system. It’s important to know that a trapped pathogen remains dangerous, while a neutralized pathogen is rendered harmless. That’s why we’ve developed a technology that can completely destroy pathogens as people inhale and exhale. This way, we can protect users as well as those around them.

Pathogens in inhaled air are neutralized thanks to our low-power thermal reactor. Most harmful bacteria, viruses or mushrooms can be killed if exposed to temperatures of 65°C (149°F) or higher. ThermaSafe technology makes it possible to heat air volumes to high temperatures, thus instantaneously destroying pathogens.

Proprietary Pathogen-Destroying Technology

Our technology’s neutralization method relies on a thermal reactor and a high-performance filter that are resistant to very high temperatures. Ambient air is compressed in the device to force high-temperature air flow through the filter, which blocks any pathogens larger than 1.5 nanometers with an efficiency rate of 99.9999999%.

The Superheating Principle

Droplets often contain pathogens, which are expelled through coughing and sneezing. The superheating principle vaporizes these droplets to free their pathogens, making them easier to destroy. Our device keeps pathogens inside the reactor, trapping them in a layer of porous material. Air velocity is practically unaffected, while pathogen velocity rapidly decreases. This increases the amount of time pathogens are exposed to the high temperature, which, in turn, increases neutralization effectiveness.

An Unparalleled High-Performance Filter

The stainless-steel filter on our ThermaSafe PAPR is unmatched and unprecedented in the market. Not only does it make it possible to filter 99.9999999% of particles as small as 1.5 nanometres, but it can also withstand extremely high temperatures. The unique features of the ThermaSafe filter allow us to block pathogens and destroy them during the thermal cycle. Plus, the filter is durable, since it can be cleaned and re-used.

ThermaSafe destroys and filters particles 40 times smaller than the virus that causes COVID-19.

N95 and HEPA filter particles as small as 300 nm.

SRAS-CoV-2 is 60 nm in size

Our filter blocks particles as small as 1.5 nm in diameter.

Our Products Using ThermaSafe Technology


ThermaSafe is the only powered air purifying respirator on the market that eliminates 99.9999999% of ambient pathogens.

Ergonomic and lightweight, ThermaSafe is designed for freedom of movement, no matter what you do or where you do it. In addition, its 3-hour battery life and removable mask make it accessible to different users.

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