The only PAPR that eliminates ALL pathogens.

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At Spira Innovation, we develop air analysis and treatment systems to protect lives.

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By heating the filter, our thermal reactor destroys 99.9999999% of pathogens.


Our stainless-steel filter traps particles up to 40 times smaller than the SRAS-CoV-2 virus.

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Our researchers’ main focus is to find innovative solutions to protect people.

Our research started with the goal of developing an early diagnosis device that could detect cancer in human breath. What we also found was a revolutionary process to purify the air we inhale and exhale. From gas molecule analysis to safe elimination of undesirable components (such as airborne pathogens), we see innovation as a live-saving tool.

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Early Cancer Detection Through Breath.

Our early cancer detection device, called SpiraBiopsy, checks patients’ breath in search of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These could indicate metabolic disorders, such as various cancers, even before the first symptoms appear.

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We offer cutting-edge solutions to protect lives.

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